One of the most frustrating things in life I think is when you are walking along, minding your own business and you “step in” something that shouldn’t be on the ground in the first place. Stepping in gum that wasn’t disposed of properly makes me turn green like The Incredible Hulk.  

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But there’s something that angers me more than stepping in gum, that’s stepping in some one’s dog's waste. If you’re going to own a dog, be mindful enough to pick up after them when they do their business. It’s not the dog's fault that they go where they go outside, it’s the owner's fault who doesn't pick it up. I don’t think I need to list the reasons why stepping in do-do is frustrating. 

But on that note, I saw something on Instagram this morning from Ginger Zee, the Chief Meteorologist for ABC News. She was showing an in ground “pet composter” in her backyard. Ginger says she has a fenced-in yard so she doesn’t need the pet bags, which she says need to be broken down commercially, even if they are bio-degradable, they can be harmful to the environment in a regular landfill.  

The pet composter works like this, you take the poop, place it in the composter with 1,000 worms and coconut coir. Another way to compost the “doggie do”, is for every two shovels of waste, put in at least one shovel full of saw dust or other carbon material. Dog excrement is said to be a safe soil additive for revegetation and landscaping when it's composted properly. I guess it’s better in the composter in the earth than laying on the earth. 

Pet Composters are available online from several retailers, if you are interested. A pet composter may require a little work to get started and to maintain it, but it seems like there are multiple benefits of a pet poo composter that would be attractive to a lot of people. Now, to figure out an easy what to open the composter if we get all the snow, I’m hearing we may get in Minnesota this winter.  

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