My brothers LOVED going to see Monster Trucks when we were growing up. I was more, meh about it. Although I think I would have been more apt to going to see giant trucks if they would have been GLOWING and Hot Wheels Monster Trucks!

Even though I loved my Barbie, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Rainbow Brite and girly toys. I loved playing G.I. Joes, Transformers and yes Hot Wheels with my brothers too. Hey, when you have three brothers growing up and no sisters, I think it'll tend to happen. Which is why I think had this been around when I was a kid, I would have LOVED it.

You're telling me that these little Hot Wheels can be made into ginormous vehicles?

Photo by Ben Grant on Unsplash
Photo by Ben Grant on Unsplash

Yes they can. Maybe they don't look exactly like the one pictured about, but Target Center announced that Hot Wheels Monster Trucks LIVE! Glow Part will be coming back this fall.

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks LIVE! Glow Party here


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