Do you ever have one of those days where you are just a bit too sassy to open your mouth in front of people?  That was me today...and so I will apologize right now if I said something on-air that was a bit too much for you.  It just happens sometimes. When that sassy level gets high, I usually go to Twitter and post something to let it all out.  Well, who knew that while I was letting my sass have an outlet, I would learn something?!   

What To Do If You Have A Wasp Problem in Minnesota

At my house, we have this one spot where wasps LOVE to build a nest every single year.  I have no idea why they keep coming back but I know, before I sit on my deck, I need to look under the railing in a specific spot to see if the nest is back.

If you've got a wasp problem too, I happened to find a trick that seems to work.  Yes, this is the tip that I learned while I was being sassy on Twitter today.  

People are filling up a container a little bit with gasoline.  Then, they put on their brave faces and put that container over the wasp nest.  The video below shows you how easy it looks to make the problem go away.

Have you tried this trick out yet?  Or do you have another one to keep wasps away from our homes and decks in Minnesota?  Let me know what you do over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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