Today marks the first day of 'summer' here in Minnesota, and while many of us have been out grilling for a few weeks, this weekend might offer up a great chance to slap some steaks on the grill and sit back and relax. But recently online I've seen more and more posts about shoppers finding a blue spot or mark on their steaks. Many of the people who find these spots or marks are worried about their finds, I'm just letting you know that you shouldn't be worried as there is a reason that blue bit is there.

You've worked all day, went grocery shopping and you've picked out some choice cuts for your dinner. When you get home, you open up the package of steaks, and as you are preparing them for the grill you notice that there is a blue-ish mark on one of your steaks. Don't worry, that mark is a stamp from a USDA inspector.

That mark, which was stamped on the beef before it was broken down into the cuts you bought is often trimmed off and you'd never see it, but sometimes the trim or cut misses the mark, and you get a blue spot or smudge on your steak, or cut of beef.

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Don't worry about having to trim off that blue ink either, according to KOL Foods "The ink used is edible and completely safe; it can sometimes stain the meat and bones it comes into contact with but this is nothing to be concerned with."

So if this happens to you, you've got nothing to worry about, sit back and enjoy the moment of relaxation, and enjoy that smell of a couple of steaks cooking on the grill.

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