Being known as the best place for (fill in the blank) in the entire state is a pretty cool accomplishment! Like Lanesboro being the bed and breakfast capital of Minnesota. But there's a small town in northern Minnesota that somehow got themselves the name of restaurant capital of the WORLD! Not just the state, the entire world.

Minnesota is Home to the Restaurant Capital of the World

This town isn't just small, it's small-small. Like, the population is less than 30 people kind of small. So how the heck did they end up with a title like this? First of all, it's a self-proclaimed title, so there's that. But there is some validity behind it.

The small town is the town of Dorset. It's east of Fargo and basically right in the middle of the state.

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Google Maps

Nope, it's not even a small town that's a suburb of the Cities. Dorset has a population of just 22 people! And only a total of 4 restaurants! So once again, how the heck did they decide that they're the 'restaurant capital of the world'?

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How Dorset, MN is the 'Restaurant Capital of the World'

With 22 residents and 4 restaurants, that's 5.5 people per restaurant and, according to CBS, that makes Dorest the town with the most restaurants per capita than any other town in the world. Hence, the restaurant capital of the world title.

I feel like with that kind of logic Rochester must be really close to being the coffee shop capital of the world, right?

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