Minnesota, The Land of 10,000 Lakes. If we're not the number one fishing state in the country, then who is?

Well, according to researchers at gambling.com, Louisiana is the best state in America for reelin' them in. (It's also the state with the worst mosquito misery index.) Both claims to fame may have something to do with their abundance of water.

The research team looked at things like water area, number of fishing licenses sold, fishing license costs, charter & guide costs, and fishing equipment and bait sales to come up with the annual rankings.

Top 10 States for Fishing in 2023

  1. Louisiana
  2. Wisconsin
  3. Minnesota
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Maine
  6. South Dakota
  7. Wyoming
  8. Alaska
  9. Georgia
  10. Ohio

As far as our other two neighbors, North Dakota is 13th and Iowa is 33rd.

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Ten Most Common Fish Caught in Minnesota

  1. Walleye
  2. Northern Pike
  3. Muskellunge (Musky)
  4. Smallmouth Bass
  5. Largemouth Bass
  6. Yellow Perch
  7. Bluegill
  8. Crappie
  9. Sunfish
  10. Rock Bass

A resident adult fishing license in Minnesota for 2023 will cost you $25. For a non-resident that same annual license would cost $51. After that, there are a ton of different options, combos, and scenarios that can be added to the base license. You can get all the info from the Minnesota DNR here.

The Ten Worst States for Fishing in 2023

  • #41 - Maryland
  • #42 - Indiana
  • #43 - Texas
  • #44 - Virginia
  • #45 - New Hampshire
  • #46 - New Jersey
  • #47 - Nevada
  • #48 - Kansas
  • #49 - California
  • #50 - Connecticut

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says that more than a half-million Minnesotans will purchase a resident fishing license this year.

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