Recently, I was in the market for some truck accessories and my first look online was to Radco "the truck accessory story". For years, I have used their location at 308 E. Central Entrance in Duluth for things like a tonneau cover and side steps.

While I could find products of interest on the Radco website, things got interesting when I attempted to contact the Duluth location directly to ask more about them and see how far out they were scheduling installations as I know staffing and supply chain issues are now things to consider.

Throughout a couple of days, I called several times and each time the phone would ring for an extended time before hitting a very brief voicemail greeting. I never did leave a message as I drive by their location daily so I figured I'd just stop by when I had time.

That day arrived last week as I pulled into the parking lot, things appeared normal. A car was parked on the customer lot and a large "We're Hiring" sign was draped on the front of the building.

However, as I approached the door and looked inside, things seemed awfully quiet. As I got to the door, a sign was posted that explained why.

The Duluth Radco store had a "sudden closure" and they were referring all business to a locally owned business on Banks Avenue in Superior.

TSM Duluth
TSM Duluth

I chose to call the number and ended up talking with D.J., who is the owner of Wire Werks. While Radco's sudden closure remained a mystery to us both, he did say he's been helping their previous customers as well as his own.

Billed as "Your Vehicle Accessories and Solutions Experts" and "Superior Wisconsin's #1 Car & Truck Accessory Up Fitter", Wired Werks offers a wide range of products and D.J. says he's seen an increase in business since Radco's closure. In fact, he plans on moving to a larger Superior location in the spring to expand his business and provide added conveniences for customers, such as an expanded showroom to display his products.

After our conversation about what I needed and products, prices, and services, I decided to work with D.J. and Wire Werks on my current and future truck accessory needs.

While I don't know what the future holds for the Radco location in Duluth, or if there even is one, the national Radco website remains available to make purchases to ship to you.

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