TikTok is used by many Minnesota residents and Congressman Tom Emmer says there are serious risks associated with it.  He explains TikTok has harmful algorithms that manipulate the content Americans are exposed to.  Emmer says TikTok is dangerous to our kids and the negative impact it can have on young girls.  He says this online content has driven some to suicide.  Emmer says 2 out of every 3 teenagers have used the platform and on average Americans use TikTok for about an hour a day.

The CEO of TikTok, Shou Zi Chew testified before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce last week.  Emmer says he was troubled when Chew couldn't answer if the Chinese Communist Party could access TikTok data.  He says this is "a major issue for Congress and parents".  Emmer says he has a problem with all the similar platforms to TikTok too, in part because of the data that is collected.

Emmer says both Republicans and Democrats in the House seem to have a general understanding about how dangerous TikTok is and that action should be taken.  He says there are some proposals that go beyond TikTok that also address the "Big Tech Issue" itself.  Emmer feels there is bipartisan agreement but as these bills go through committee they become very partisan.  He says Congress needs to get back to serving constituents and not political parties.

I my conversation with Congressman Emmer he also addressed his opinions on cryptocurrency, the Biden Administration's handling of the Russia/Ukraine war and Daylight Saving Time.

If you'd like to listen to the full interview it is available below.



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