It's time to review the truth about minors and the consumption of alcohol in Minnesota.

Can Minnesota Kids Drink Alchohol In Bars As Long As Their Parents Are There?

No. Not in bars and restaurants.


According to Minnesota Statute § 340A.503,  a minor is allowed to have and drink alcohol with their parent's permission but ONLY if it's in the privacy of the parent's or guardian's home.

Seriously? But What If I'm Right There?

No. In Minnesota, it is only legal for minors to drink if it's done in the presence of and inside the home of their parents or guardians home.

But They Can Drink It Up In Wisconsin At Home Or A Bar, RIght?


Yes, 100%. Wisconsin law says minors of all ages can drink alcohol in their parent's/guardians' homes AND bars and restaurants, too. There is a limit in Wisconsin, though. The business can ban the consumption of alcohol by minors on their property. The parent cannot force the bar to serve a minor.

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Bonus Minnesota Booze Fact -

Whoops, wrong kind of server. (RIM SHOT) gorodenkoff
Whoops, wrong kind of server. (RIM SHOT)

A minor 18 years or older may enter a part of a licensed business to perform work for the business as an employee, eat a meal, or attend a social event that is not in an area of the business that sells alcohol. (Minn. Stat. § 340A.503(4)

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