It seems like everyone is always looking for a reason to complain these days, no? Unfortunately, social media has only made people complain more, giving them a big platform to let out their worst thoughts at the expense of others.

It seems even the most beautiful and iconic tourist destinations aren't even safe from a little online embarrassment. I was reading up on Jay Cooke State Park recently, after learning that a Northlander supposedly encountered Bigfoot there, and what I found was not entirely pretty!

It seems there are some people that are not a fan of the state park. To each their own but how can you not love a place as magical as Jay Cooke? There are reasons, at least according to TripAdvisor. The online site lets people review attractions all over the country for others looking to visit (or not visit) popular places.

Jay Cooke State Park has over two-hundred reviews and most of them are lovely and glowing. As always, there are also some negative reviews of the park. Some of them gave me a laugh and others are downright odd! However, most love the scenic views and the peaceful energy at the park.

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The park is more than just a park, by the way. It also has camping, hiking trails, a swinging bridge and places to ski and snowshoe. There is also a historic cemetery that dates back to the late 1800s, so it has a bit of history as well, according to the Minnesota DNR.

If you need a good laugh, you can read up on the six most cringe-worthy of the reviews. Keep in mind that people will always find something to complain about and others seem to be on to something. Bad reviews or not, Jay Cooke State Park is definitely a bucket-list worthy stop.

Six Cringeworthy Reviews Of Jay Cooke State Park

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