Many of us drive just about every day. Some of that time is spent on County Roads, Interstates, and Highways. One thing I didn't know about Minnesota roads was that at one point in time, Minnesota had an International Highway running through it, and part of it still exists.

The International Highway was known during its time as the Theodore Roosevelt International Highway and it ran across the US from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon. So where does the international portion come in? Well at the time it was built, a portion ran through Ontario, and then back into the US.

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The Minnesota portion of the international highway ran from Duluth to Oregon closely following what is now US-2. The part of the highway that still exists runs to the North of Twig Minnesota into Floodwood and is known as St. Louis County Road 8.

Regretfully the still existing portion of the International Highway along 8 is gravel, but just think about how impressive the task of making a road that runs coast to coast, was back in the early 1900s. We complain about all the road construction we see now, what would that project have looked like then?

Image Credit: Google Maps
Image Credit: Google Maps

The International Highway was in use from 1919 through the 1930s when the US adopted a numbered highway system, and was more or less replaced by US-2 which runs further South than what the original highway did between Twig and Floodwood.

H/T to a post on Abandoned Minnesota for the idea!

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