Again, we hear of a restaurant closing.  Taco John's is known for their tacos (of course), burritos and those yummy potato oles.  Little round seasoned potatoes that taste delicious.  You could get them with ketchup or some spicy or regular cheese for some added flavor.  Now, if you live in the Moorhead area, these restaurants are no longer open.

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As of Sunday, yesterday, all of the Taco John's in the Fargo/Moorhead area have closed their doors. Some of the locations actually closed last Friday... and all of them were closed by Sunday.

An interview with one of the employees from Valley News in Fargo stated that not everyone knew this was happening until right before it happened.

Valley News Live spoke with a Taco John’s employee, who stated he had only worked for the company for around 6 months, and just found out about the closing this week.

There was some indication that the employees would have the opportunity to move to Papa John's pizza locations, but that was not confirmed.

What does this mean for all Taco John's restaurants?  Questioning if the locations in the St Cloud area close too? Right now there are 3 Taco John's restaurants in the St. Cloud area.  One in Waite Park, Sartell and St. Joseph.  The one that was located downtown St. Cloud closed two years ago with Taco Villa replacing that location.  Taco Villa had previously been located in Waite Park, and closed several years ago.

So far, there has been no indication that any of those locations will be closing, but we will update if news of that happens.

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