There are 87 counties and around 850 cities in Minnesota. Many of these towns and cities have interesting nicknames. How many of these did you know?

I've traveled, vacationed, and hung out in towns all across Minnesota.

Lots of these cities have a rich history that has prompted locals to give their towns a certain nickname.

Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota-Getty Thinkstock
Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota-Getty Thinkstock

Some of these nicknames are obvious, some are flattering, and some are not. Check out this list of Minnesota City Nicknames:

  • Anoka: Halloween Capital of the World
  • Albert Lea: The Land Between the Lakes
  • Austin: Spamtown USA
  • Bemidji: First City on the Mississippi
  • Braham: Homemade Pie Capital of Minnesota
  • Caledonia: Wild Turkey Capitol of Minnesota
  • Duluth: The Zenith City
  • Elk River: Where City and Country Flow Together
  • Hanover: The Little City on the Crow
Minnesota City Nicknames-Getty Thinkstock
Minnesota City Nicknames-Getty Thinkstock
  • International Falls: The Icebox of the United States
  • Madison: Lutefisk Capital of the World
  • Minneapolis: City of Flour and Sawdust and The Mini Apple
  • Montgomery: Kolacky Capital of the World (Its a dessert pastry)
  • Mountain Iron: Taconite Capital of the World
  • Northfield: Cows, Colleges, and Contentment
  • Preston: America's Trout Capital
  • Richfield: Poorfield
Minnesota City Nicknames-Getty Thinkstock
Caledonia, Minnesota-Getty Thinkstock
  • Robbinsdale: Birdtown
  • Rochester: Med City
  • St. Cloud: Granite City
  • Saint Paul: Pigs Eye, Hockeytown, and Saintly City
  • Stillwater: The Birthplace of Minnesota
  • Warroad: Hockeytown
  • Worthington: Turkey Capital of the World
Rochester, Minnesota-Getty Thinkstock
Rochester, Minnesota-Getty Thinkstock

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