If I were to ask you what Minnesota's best coffee shop was, what would you say? Caribou might be a popular answer, I grew up with a Dunn Bros coffee shop nearby, but both of those answers would be wrong. According to FoodandWine.com the answer lies in Minneapolis at a coffee shop called Wesley Andrews.

Here is what FoodandWine.com had to say about their chosen coffee shop for Minnesota.

Around the Twin Cities, where coffee shops seem just about as essential to survival as gas stations, the former sometimes feels about as special as the latter, too often with service that calls to mind your last visit to the local public utilities office. You come in, you get what you need, you get out—charm costs extra, and supplies are running low. Not that you won't taste some terrific coffees while you're here; from little startups to national players, Minnesota's coffee roasters do some extremely good work, but the balance between the two essential aspects of creating the perfect shop—deep coffee knowledge, and a flair for hospitality—has been a rare bird indeed. You'll always find the elusive pairing, however, at Wesley Andrews. In Minneapolis, a city of big and bold names, this youthful roaster emerged onto the scene just a few years back, before its co-owners were old enough to drink; here you'll find not only a range of exciting coffees from around the globe, but also a warm, welcoming space in which to try them. Coffee is taken seriously here, and so are you.


Personally, I've never heard of this business before, but I will say I'm now intrigued. Enough to drive down on a whim? Not that much, but enough to put it into Google Maps as a place to try if I am around the area.

If you are interested in trying a beverage from Wesley Andrews, or simply want to take in the ambiance of the coffee shop, you can get more information on hours and the address by heading here.

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