A few months ago Bed Bath & Beyond closed it's doors, not just in St. Cloud, but everywhere else too.  Yes, there are other places to go to get some of those items that you loved at Bed Bath & Beyond, but it was kind of a one stop shop for anything that you needed from home, bedding, "as seen on TV", gift ideas, towels, some side food items like special spices another dry ingredients and so much more.

It has been missed.

But now, we find out that Overstock.com has purchased Bed Bath & Beyond.

Overstock.com was a site where you could find some of those similar items for a lesser price than you would normally pay.  Much like how Wayfair.com runs as well.

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Overstock.com was just as it sounds.  There would be items that had been moved online when they either weren't selling at the regular price and needed to be moved, or just special deals on mostly home items.  Now, when you go to Overstock,com, you will be redirected to Bed Bath & Beyond.

"This is a historic day for Bed Bath & Beyond and Overstock — and for the broader ecommerce industry," Bed Bath & Beyond CEO Jonathan Johnson said. "Overstock has a great business model with a name that does not reflect its focus on home. Bed Bath & Beyond is a much-loved and well-known consumer brand, which had an outdated business model that needed modernizing."

So basically they are saying that Bed Bath & Beyond has a more descriptive name about what they are selling as opposed to Overstock.com.  When you hear that name, it's like "what is it"?

So if you have been missing the brick and mortar building of Bed Bath & Beyond, it now lives again online.

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