This absolutely breaks my heart.  I wonder how many people live this kind of life because of the way they were treated at home or at school by kids that were bullies. Where did he find his happiness? Did he find happiness? The kids that have to grow up knowing they were jerks in school and affected so many people's lives. Think about the employer that treated him so poorly because 'he didn't fit in.'

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It happens all too often and I just wish there was something that could be done. No one wants to step up; everyone acts like they are a good person; but under their breath, they would never talk to someone who isn't like them. Instead of doing something about it, they hide behind everyone else and pretend it doesn't matter...but it does. I'm as guilty as anyone else. The fear of opening up to someone. What can I do to help? I don't have the resources to make a difference. All the thoughts that run through our minds. We tend to think that everyone has 'someone.'

This obituary says what so many people want to say; but don't because they think it won't matter. This brother, however, did say something; and it's getting a lot of attention from people now leaving comments of regret.

The obituary is for Brian Edlridge; a 76-year-old man from Mounds View, Minnesota. His brother Steve wrote the heartbreaking obituary.

The obituary reads,

Brian ELDRIDGE Obituary

May 1947 - July 2023 Brian was a quiet shy boy and man. He was bullied as a child and teenager because of his shyness and vulnerability. As an adult he didn't fit in. He never learned to use a computer or a cell phone, which kept him from applying for most jobs. He worked and supported himself through paper routes, aluminum can recycling and janitorial work. He was exploited by employers. His last job, was cleaning a bingo hall at midnight for $10 per hour 7 nights a week 364 days a year with just less than the minimum weekly hours to have any rights or benefits. His employer fired him on Christmas Eve with no notice. He had worked there for over 15 years. He had no friends or family who kept up with him. He was quiet, smart, generous, and lonely. When found in his apartment he had been dead at least 4 days. I'll miss him.


Many people read this obituary and left heartfelt comments. It's a reminder for all of us to try to be better; reach out; find a way to not let our fellow human beings slip through the cracks. Leaving a comment doesn't change the situation. I hope it changes our hearts.

Click HERE to read the comments.

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