Everyone that has a dog has been in that situation when they wander off even on a leash and somehow your dog ends up with something in his or her mouth that is not edible. Usually, it is not much of a threat and you eventually can get them to drop it, but if it is poisonous that is a whole different situation obviously.

It is a serious threat to pet owners and one that is absurd to even think about that someone would intentionally try to poison innocent animals but you hear about this all the time, and now it has hit close to home.

Cindy Strange and her dog Jax were on a walk at Bear Creek trail in Superior when she noticed that her dog had something blue in his mouth. It turned out to be rodent poison left near the beginning of the trail. Strange was able to get Jax to spit it out but was afraid he still may have ingested some of it so she called a veterinarian who urged her to call poison control and she went to the emergency vet where he was treated.

Thankfully Jax was treated in time and shows no symptoms of having the poison in his system. He has a follow-up appointment coming up this week to have some more bloodwork done to make sure he is still o.k. Duluth Veterinary Hospital Vet Technician Jodi Carlson said they see a handful of these instances every year.

Carlson said to FOX21: I always tell my clients that anytime your pet swallows something that they shouldn’t, they get into something, you always want to call the vet first though because there’s some toxins that you don’t want to induce vomiting on."

Superior Police Officer Bradley Jago said if you ever come across this type of situation call 911 immediately so they can investigate and see if there is a pattern that has developed. Thankfully it seems that Jax will be o,k. and by Stranges quick action, she may have saved some animals in the future from ingesting the poison.

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