9 Food Items In Minnesota Now Carry Hefty Price Tags

Going to the grocery store is a little bit like playing a game.  You might pick up one package of chicken breasts for $13.41 but next to it is a package for $11.59...which one do you pick?  Right now, I'm thinking most of us are picking the cheaper package.

Grocery prices have soured throughout the states in the Midwest, including in Minnesota.  Thankfully, eggs are back to pretty normal prices but below are 9 items that have seen analyzed and saw some pretty hefty price increases recently.

Beef Steaks, Ham, and Other Groceries That Rose in Price in the Midwest

Stacker used Bureau of Labor Statistics data to find the grocery items that saw the largest price increases from April to May in the Midwest.

What Other Products Have You Noticed That Have Skyrocketed in Price?

We've been in the middle of a remodeling project at our house and I almost fell down in the paint department when I saw the prices for a gallon.  I had to buy 5 gallons plus some Kilz and thought that my credit card might get declined as I was trying to checkout.  The last time I bought paint, it was about $10 cheaper than what I spent a few weekends ago.

What are you noticing in the stores as far as prices?  Anything catch you off guard like the paint did for me?  Let me know over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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Need Some Cash To Pay for Those Groceries?

If shopping at a store is making you anxious, we'd like to help you out.  How does an extra $500 sound?

Someone is scoring a $500 Visa Pre-paid Gift Card and I'd love it if you were the lucky person picked for this awesome prize.  If you'd love to win, just head over to our "Contests" page.  If you are reading this after that contest is over, check out the others that are happening!

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Top spots in Rochester with amazing customer service!

Not sure if this is a priority for you but the majority of people like to see a little bit of R-E-S-P-E-C-T when they are buying things from a business. It could be ordering food at a restaurant, buying clothes at a store, or where you are filling up your gas tank for your car. Any place you spend money should have stellar customer service. If you've had a run of bad customer service lately, try going to one of these places in Rochester that were recommended by hundreds of people in town.

This list was put together last year, so, if individuals are mentioned at these places, they may no longer be there. But, at one point, they were considered THE BEST for customer service in our area.

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