Today was weird!!!  I knew we had an air quality alert in Minnesota due to the fires in Canada.   I just didn't realize how BAD it was going to get today.


I have asthma and unfortunately, I can probably tell that the air quality is going downhill before most because this annoying cough starts to happen.  I can't help it.  And if that cough starts, I know that I need to take some major precautions ASAP.  I've been dealing with this my entire adult a bit...have seen many doctors for meds, tips, and advice, and below are what every single person has mentioned to me when I've suffered from these issues due to air quality and allergies.

6 Tips To Stay Healthy During Air Quality Alert in Minnesota

Quite a few air quality alerts have been issued in various locations lately in the United States. When that happens, here are a few things to consider that will help keep you safe and healthy.
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Did you take any photos of the haze in the air in Minnesota?

I didn't want to venture outside any more than necessary today, so although I saw the haze when I let my dogs out tonight, I did not stay out longer than necessary.  No selfies of me in the haze today.

Did you take any photos of the smoke in the sky today?  If you captured some of the haze today, I'd love to see the photos.  Add those over on the Y-105FM's Facebook page here or, to make it super easy for you, just click below.

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