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I'll never forget the day when the I-35 bridge collapsed in Minnesota.  August 1st, 2007 is etched in my memory forever.  13 people died and 145 suffered injuries.

Major Freeway Bridge Collapses In Minneapolis During Rush Hour
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Way back in the day, the Twin Cities was my home and I traveled all over for work.  That bridge was one of many that was part of my frequent commute.  I can say with 100% certainty that I never once thought about the safety of that bridge prior to the collapse.

Navy Divers Investigate Site Of Bridge Collapse
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Since that tragic day, safety is now top of mind whenever I am near a bridge.  I can't escape that fear that maybe, just maybe, the bridge I am about to cross really isn't structurally sound.  The I-35 bridge collapse caused that - I know that - but it doesn't calm that anxiety as I venture onto a bridge, especially one that looks a bit on the sketchy side.

According to data from the Federal Highway Administration, there are several areas in Minnesota where repairs are needed on bridges.

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I know funds are tight and it seems like there are a million levels of approvals that need to happen in order for a construction project to actually start, but if there is a bridge that is not safe in Minnesota, it needs to get fixed.  No exceptions.

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