Maybe I'm just not seeing it, but how does a 19-year-old pickup, with low miles, go for nearly $42,000? Is the used-vehicle market that crazy still? Regardless of my thoughts, the pickup did sell for that in a recent Southern Minnesota auction, according to a popular farm/heavy machinery-based social media account.

The post from Machinery Pete states that a one-owner, 12K+ miles, GMC Sierra 2500HD brought in $41,500 at a recent auction run by Matt Maring and the Maring Auction Company out of Southern Minnesota.

2004 GMC 2500HD with only 12,680 actual miles, 1 owner, 6.0 V8 Gas, sold for $41,500 today on farm estate auction in Lonsdale, MN by great team at Maring Auction Co. LLC

Image Credit: Machinery Pete via Facebook
Image Credit: Machinery Pete via Facebook

To me that seems really high, a look online at 2004 GMC 2500HD pickups for sale took me to a few different websites with trucks for sale, I settled on, where I found the exact model with V8. All of the trucks had higher miles, average 170K, but were selling for between $9,500 and $20K.

Kelly Blue Book lists the private party price between $7,500 and $10K in average condition and $8,000 to $11,500 in excellent condition.

I guess we are still looking at high prices for ALL types of vehicles, new and used, and I still haven't seen too much relief in prices, to make me think it's going to end anytime soon.

When I see people listing vehicles for sale, online generally, and the prices they are looking for them, I shake my head have we gone mad?

I guess going to an auction isn't always going to bring a bargain. But you are sure to find what you need, but it might run you a little more than you wanted to pay.

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