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It's been nearly 19 years since the Minnesota Twins won their last postseason game. A lot has happened in the Land of 10,000 Lakes since then!

To remember the last time the Minnesota Twins won a postseason game, you have to cast your mind back nearly 19 years, to October 5th, 2004. It was on that date that the Twins beat the Yankees 2-0.

Since then, 18 years, 11 months and 28 days have passed. That's 6,937 total days, 991 weeks, and 599,356,800 seconds. 2004 was so long ago that back then, Taylor Swift was an unknown 15-year-old who had just moved to Nashville to try to become a country singer.

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Current Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins was a 16-year-old high school football and baseball star in Holland, Michigan. Patrick Mahomes was a 9-year-old baseball player in Whitehouse, Texas.

The Twins *have* played in the postseason since then, making 7 different appearances in the playoffs and appearing in 18 different games. But... they lost ALL of them, which gives them the longest team sports losing streak in all of North America.

There have been several big events that have happened in the Bold North since then, as well. Keep scrolling to check out 11 Minnesota Moments That Have Happened Since the Twins Last Won A Playoff Game.

10 Amazing Minnesota Things That Have Happened Since The Twins Won A Playoff Game

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